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  • Other names: セカンドバージン・セカンドライフ~バツのち、セフ活~
  • Author(s): SABAI Baru
  • Genre(s): Mature Romance
  • Status: On going
  • Magazine:
  • Views: 725


“Bring sex back into your life!” A romantic comedy for adult girls♪ Her husband rejected her and didn't work with her for 3 years, and on top of that, her husband had an affair within the office...Ichika is around 30 years old and has reset her work and home after getting divorced.In order to reset myself, who has been laughing at everything and putting up with it, I decided to go to a happening bar!?There, she meets a mysterious handsome man, Ritsu, and a relationship begins that is sweeter than her sex friend and more comfortable than her girlfriend's lover.

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