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  • Other names: 史上最強の宮廷テイマー〜自分を追い出して崩壊する王国を尻目に、辺境を開拓して使い魔たちの究極の楽園を作る〜 , Shijo Saikyo No Kyutei Tei Ma Jibun Wo Te Hokai Suru Okoku Wo Shirime Ni, Henkyo Wo Kaitaku Shite Tsukai Ma Tachi No Kyukyoku No Rakuen Wo Tsukuru, Shijō Saikyō no Kyūtei Tamer
  • Author(s): Sky Farm
  • Genre(s): Comedy Fantasy
  • Status: On going
  • Magazine: NicoNico
  • Views: 11493


Yukia, a court tamer in the service of the state, is suddenly fired from her job one day. Yukia advises that if she is dismissed, not only dragons and magical beasts, but even horses will stop listening to her, but the nobles dismiss this as bullshit, and she is forced to leave the country despite her efforts to persuade them otherwise. Yukia decides to go with her family to the northern part of the country, and escapes from the capital. He then uses his out-of-the-box powers to take on various creatures and build a paradise for his messengers! On the other hand, the nobles, who have driven Yukia out, are inflicted with great losses by the creatures of the court who no longer listen to them...? This is the story of the Tamer family, who had been supporting the country in the shadows, but now that they are free, they become the center of the world.

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